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Welcome aboard, Gethin!


Welcome to Team Big Eye Deers, Gethin!

As we do with all of our new recruits, we attempt to get to know them straight away- so we shine a bright light in their scared little faces and ask them a series of weird and wonderful questions for our own personal enjoyment. Gethin has joined us during a busy old period, and has fitted in extremely well! It’s like he has always been here. One of us. One of us. One of us :) Continue reading

A welcome promotion for deer Zak

Zak Grindle Magento Certified Developer

For four years, Zak has been an invaluable member of the Big Eye Deers team. With a first class honours in computer science, and having more recently achieved his Magento developer certification which involved 6 long months of daily sessions after work including long weekends spent studying. Zak has worked hard to continually improve his knowledge and understanding in a way that not only benefits his personal growth, but also gives our clients a level of expertise that is not commonly found in boutique agencies. Continue reading

Ecommerce: How to get it right


Often, when we meet new people in real life, we smile, greet them, give them a firm hand shake (well, there’s nothing worse than a limp hand shake is there?!) and look them right in the eyes.

It’s easy to gain someone’s trust if your encounters with them are positive, personable and on a level that resonates well with who you are and what your expectations are. 

In an ever more digital world though, with more and more business being carried out on-line, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for e-commerce start-ups to earn and gain the trust of potential customers using their website alone.

Often businesses are more concerned with a quick fix, “Get us online!” – Well, I’m sorry but a presence isn’t enough. The manner in which you deal with potential customers and the setting you create for them, can be the decider between a short lived idea and potentially a huge ROI. Cha Ching!

Continue reading

How to build strong client relationships


Most clients love to feel involved in their projects design process; ok, occasionally you’ll get the odd Joe Bloggs who doesn’t give a tiny rats ass what the site looks like as long as it works; but most of the time you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll want to feel involved and have their say.

Here’s how you can gain structured feedback on designs without relinquishing your creative juices and gain a lifelong happy client in the process. Continue reading

The importance of typography in web design

Suit yourself

We hear it everywhere in the marketing world- ‘content is king, and context is queen’ – I’m not about to dispute this, but what if that wonderfully written text is so difficult to read, no one gets the chance to appreciate it, relate to it, form an opinion of it or even become persuaded by it? What if the typography is so garish it makes it’s readers want to pull their own eyeballs out rather than look at it for a moment longer? Epic fail. Continue reading

Save Face Launch


Save Face came to us to help them define a strong online presence that would promote their cause- providing a safe, impartial and accessible service to ensure that when anyone chooses to have a non-surgical cosmetic treatments, selecting a practitioner is safe and easy. By utilising Save Face’s strong business proposition, we created a user experience that supports the brands values. Continue reading

Reviews feed reputation – feed it wisely!

giraffe bread

Product, service and website reviews are fantastic vehicles to get your brand on the road to a status of trust. Our most recent client Heinnie uses it to their advantage and has never looked back.

Users are far more likely to visit your website and make orders online, if they feel like they can relate to the brand and its values; trust is a rather large part of that. Value from written reviews is key to this, but it also goes so much further, when they are shared through various social media channels too. Continue reading