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Christmas ads we love and loathe!

14 sleeps till Christmas!!! There’s no escaping it, Christmas is coming, excited much? We are about to be bombarded with festivities; food, drink, songs, films, adverts, you name it, you’ll be seeing and hearing it everywhere over the next two weeks.

Lets take a look at something potentially annoying for those of us that don’t have a swanky Sky box to record and whiz through programmes. Ads. From now on, look at ads with scrupulous eyes; what do the marketers convey? Who are they aiming their message at? Do we love or loath the brands or just the ads?!

We all love Coke at Christmas. Fact.

YouTube Preview Image

At this time of year we realise that ads can lean toward sexism. A big no no for big brands that want to avoid a backlash on social media sites like twitter.

YouTube Preview Image

And despite being a beautifully simple and moving ad; its sprinkling of subtle race exclusion can question the most reputable of brands marketing strategy and demographics.

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Finally, take a look at Dorito’s inoffensive and appropriately Christmassy advert by Agency AMV/BBDO, their mixture of humour with things we associate with Christmas (namely East 17′s 1994 Christmas hit Stay Another Day) work very well to position the brand as being perfect for the party season.

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