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Citywing website set to soar!!!

We created the first website for former client Manx2, an award-winning business, back in 2006. Following a management buy-out at Manx2 toward the end of 2012, the client felt that a re-brand for the new year would be the best cause of action to draw a line under the changeover. Take a look at what we did for them…

We helped build awareness of the new company name; Citywing, and gradually worked toward replacing the Manx2.com branding and website with its new identity whilst maintaining its high quality user experience.

The client issued press releases and we supported this activity with a targeted email campaign.

The new Citywing  website was adapted accordingly to frame the new brand whilst maintaining a  high quality user experience.  We updated the homepage  and gave it a much cleaner, sleeker feel. A jQuery slideshow prominently features stunning images of Citywing destinations, it also showcases promotions, offers and key messages.

The new site was rebuilt around the Airkiosk booking system that Manx2 ran on, although now Citywing customers can enjoy much simpler booking and checkout processes.

Citywing is an airline that is proud of its roots, destinations, and customer service, we wanted to translate this into the UX.

For more information on our brief and how we delivered the project, please visit our Citywing case study. You can also visit the new and improved Citywing site and have a poke around! We really enjoyed working on the Manx2/Citywing project and we hope our helping hand will take Citywing to new heights in 2013!

Checkout today’s fantastic coverage on Tewksburyadmag.co.uk for a short and sweet statement from Managing Director John Buck on the changeover.

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