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After battling ‘Snowmageddon’ we all need a brew!

It’s cold, wet and snowy; you’ve survived the ‘treacherous’ journey into work after being stuck behind the annoying 5mile an hour-ers. It’s taken you a good half hour to warm up in front of your computer screen and no-one has offered you a brew. Hurumphh!

If you’re anything like me, that lil annoying voice in your head will be saying ‘I made the last round yesterday, I’m not offering’… Well, those internal tea based arguments need happen no more with this handy Iphone App. The appropriately named Tea Round takes the pain out of deciding who’s turn it is to whack the kettle on! It’s fun, it’s fair and you might get out of making a cuppa every once in a while!

As a web design agency we go through tea like it’s going out of fashion! Snow won’t keep us out of the office but  running out of tea bags might! This app is a god send! They also do a Beer Round app too…Hmmm now that might come in handy for some big eyed socials!

Now who’s got cake?



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