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Save Face Launch


Save Face came to us to help them define a strong online presence that would promote their cause- providing a safe, impartial and accessible service to ensure that when anyone chooses to have a non-surgical cosmetic treatments, selecting a practitioner is safe and easy. By utilising Save Face’s strong business proposition, we created a user experience that supports the brands values. Continue reading

Exfeariential Marketing


“Give your customers an experience they’ll never, ever forget. Muggings. Riots. Babynappings. We’ll do anything to get your brand noticed.” – A satirical approach to the world of marketing! Flash Mobs? That’s so 2010…

YouTube Preview Image

The best marketing campaign ever?!

small coke

Now I’m a sucker for a sugary beverage – Full fat coke? Woof! (Yes, it’s a coke blog folks!)

I often reach for an instant can of fizzy tooth decay after a gruelling gym session; I’m not diabetic but I’m sure my blood sugar level crashes and I NEED the sugar and caffeine fix to stop myself keeling over… It was on one of those sweaty and slightly dizzy occasions, that I went into the nearest Tesco (…all roads lead to Tesco after all) and picked up the familiar bottle o’ sunshine. It wasn’t till I got home and found myself, that I noticed the bottle didn’t say coke on it, but my name, my very own name… well, actually it said Michael but close enough ey? Continue reading

Christmas ads we love and loathe!


14 sleeps till Christmas!!! There’s no escaping it, Christmas is coming, excited much? We are about to be bombarded with festivities; food, drink, songs, films, adverts, you name it, you’ll be seeing and hearing it everywhere over the next two weeks.

Lets take a look at something potentially annoying for those of us that don’t have a swanky Sky box to record and whiz through programmes. Ads. From now on, look at ads with scrupulous eyes; what do the marketers convey? Who are they aiming their message at? Do we love or loath the brands or just the ads?!

We all love Coke at Christmas. Fact. Continue reading