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Comfy Couch website goes live!


Here at BED HQ, we work blimmin’ hard deliver platinum standard work through a mastery of technology, fantabulous design, creative (and often wacky) thinking, with a bend-over-backwards attitude to customer satisfaction.

We establish our clients as leaders in their given industry (from plastic wholesalers to solicitors and music labels, you name it, we’ve done it!), whether that be through conceiving unique brand identities, designing bespoke marketing collateral, or developing an online presence in its entirety; we give all our clients (no matter how big or small they are) the ability to take on, and take over their competitors, with gusto!

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2014- The year for mobile web strategies?


“Happy New Year Folks!
Here’s wishing you all a prosperous 2014! xxx” – Michaela

As you get back into the swing of business, easing yourself in one email at a time, it’s probably the best time of the year to start a fresh. Have a clear out, archive those old mails, try something new or improve what you currently have. Of course, I’m talking web design! Online representation can make or break a business. You’re only as good as your website, and let’s put it this way, if peoples experiences with your site were real life, you’d re-think the way it works, or at least should work.

Here’s just a few tid-bits to get your head round if you’re looking to ‘dip a toe’ into the wonderful world of online biz in 2014.

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Double Overhead E-commerce store goes live!

Store shot

Following the launch of their new store in McArthur Glen’s retail outlet, Double Overhead needed a brand-spanking-new Magento eCommerce store to provide customers with another way to buy. The store was to be visually attractive and pull users in from first glance, and keep them engaged through to checkout. The store needed to be fully responsive to future proof the business and give users the freedom to browse however and whenever they like on the device of their choice. Take a look at what we did for them… Continue reading

How Magento can help increase your AOV


For many new e-commerce stores stepping into the world of digital, marketing can be costly, time consuming and often not as effective as first desired… But it needs to be done.

I’ve witnessed clients expressly turn down the option to have any marketing support for fear that they might as well be burning their money. Understandable, but how can you help potential customers find you if you don’t put it out there? Post live, a short term marketing strategy can at least generate awareness of the site, leading to ongoing organic and direct traffic. Continue reading