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Will social media make the world a better place?

Lily Cole

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are a few of the social platforms we’ve come to know and love; but to what end? We showcase/ market ourselves and businesses in such a way that doesn’t bring about any social value and can often insight outrage. Granted, some social media campaigns can be rooted in generosity and many apps have been developed to make our lives easier, but how far have our current social media platforms gone to facilitate a paradigm shift that will ultimately make the world a better place?… Continue reading

Coding for kids is as easy as Raspberry Pi


School based ICT within the UK has mostly consisted of learning the basics of Word, clip art and web research, obviously a ‘riveting’ lesson that kids can’t wait to attend… All this is slowly changing following the likes of Coderdojos and recent release of the Codecademy- an internet based coding tutorial programme.

ICT in education desperately needs to be brought into the 21st century-  if a small number of schools dip their toe into the coding pool it might impact the way young people are taught in the future and even influence a new generation of web developers, programmers and designers.

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Coder Dojos – Creating the next generation of coding experts


In 2011 the first Coder Dojo was started in Ireland; the grassroots movement pledges to change the way computer programming is taught and has since been spreading across the world like wildfire.

Big Eye Deers Director, Steve, encountered a glimpse into the surreal world of child programmers during a visit to the US last week. In the ‘Dojo’ kids aged between 8-16 years old are mentored in coding, design and development of websites, apps, programs, games and more. Continue reading

2025: The changing face of office working


Mark Heraghty, Managing director of Virgin Media Business, believes that by 2025 working from an office will be outdated. Instead, he reckons that we will work from anywhere we choose, and create a workspace out of thin air using special interactive surfaces… According to Heraghty, in little over a decade, hologram-like teleconferencing will be the norm in interacting with your ‘team’ as opposed to over the desk with a brew.  What do you think? far fetched or more than likely? Continue reading

Hill Valley High Official Launch!


Hello Highers! Meet Hill Valley High, an Alt. Pop band from Telford. HVH have played sold out shows in Brazil to stages at Download, Sonisphere and T In The Park and have opened for Madina Lake, Elliot Minor, Mayday Parade, Tinie Tempah, We Are the Ocean, and the Pendulum DJs. Formed in 2006 and influenced by music such as Foo Fighters, Blink 182 and a little bit of Justin Bieber HVH needed a brand that represented their alternative style of pop-rock that also spoke to the fans to go with the launch of their new EP.

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Digital Event Cardiff 2012

Think Digital: News Update

By demand, THINK DIGITAL is back and ready to hit 2012 with a bang. A huge thank you to all who attended our first event on 11th November 2011, your feedback has been gratefully received and our survey says:

THINK DIGITAL 2012 / Friday March 2nd 2012 3pm – 6pm. / Kuku Club, Cardiff, UK

We will be announcing full details on the next event very soon. In the meantime, please feel free to email info@thinkdigital-cardiff.co.uk with any questions, or pop over to @TDCardiff

Here’s some of your feedback…
“Fantastic event. Something very much lacking in Cardiff. Would be great if future events had a little more focus as I’ve found they can get a bit similar if not. Brilliant first event though.” Thank you! We are looking to cover specific topics in the next event, and will be allocating Q&A sessions in order for you to go into more depth as required.

“GOOD EVENT! But needs some tweaks… more space more light and longer speeches.” Absolutely. We definitely need proper lighting and have condensed the number of speakers from 4 to 3 in order to allow more time per topic.

“Excellent first event. Well done. Learned a lot. Got the synapses firing. Met some cool people. Hope to be around for future events.” Thank you, we’re really pleased with the overall feedback and will do everything we can to ensure the next event offers value to each and every attendee.

“It was a really positive, interesting event which is different from anything I’ve ever been to and draws in a different crowd.” Felt really good to have such an incredible turnout from local business, it was inspiring to see such a broad group of people sharing ideas and opinions.

Would come again and bring more colleagues for some more specialist insight from your speakers.” We’re expanding presentations slightly and have also introduced a Q&A session, hopefully enabling us to offer maximum insight on topics.

“First event was great. But from the marketing it isn’t clear if the event is aimed @ Digital media for dummies type audience or aimed @ seasoned digital media people i.e. advanced CPD. I think you need to differentiate clearly.” THINK DIGITAL 2011 was aimed at small to medium sized local business owners (who wanted a bit of digital inspiration) but ended up drawing in a lot of digital enthusiasts and agencies etc. All are welcome, but perhaps it’s a case of ‘must try harder’… will do our best to set out our agenda clearly when marketing the next event. Thank you!