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Save Face Launch


Save Face came to us to help them define a strong online presence that would promote their cause- providing a safe, impartial and accessible service to ensure that when anyone chooses to have a non-surgical cosmetic treatments, selecting a practitioner is safe and easy. By utilising Save Face’s strong business proposition, we created a user experience that supports the brands values. Continue reading

Why Use Magento for Web Development: The Top 6 Reasons


The internet is currently our most important global system. The majority of consumers today look for a business on the internet; whether it be to get more information or to make a purchase, so it’s essential for businesses to have an online presence and equally important to make proper use of internet marketing to facilitate online shopping. It’s extremely important to plan the web design of an eCommerce website because it needs to satisfy multiple criteria to ensure that potential customers are attracted and engaged, finding routes of navigation clear and user friendly. Continue reading

Should we use responsive design or be mobile optimized?


Terms like “responsive design” and “mobile optimized sites” are frequently misinterpreted or confused. We get it all the time at client meetings. It doesn’t mean simply making your site work on a mobile, as the majority of sites out there ‘can’ technically work on a mobile, it’s just that the UX with that site won’t be very good and you’ll probably end up loosing a lot of potential customers. Continue reading

Swish LinksAir website set to soar!

design v2

Local airline LinksAir came to us back last year with a website that was no longer meeting the standards that consumers expect from service providers. The site was outdated and kept to a rigid format throughout, making it difficult for its users to not only connect with the brand but aspire to use the airline for getaway breaks and holidays etc

The site was built statically and the client had no control of the content or the way it looked. Every page utilised the same format and even the header images remained the same across the entire site.

LinksAir came to us desperate to turn the look and feel of their website around and make a big improvement in their online sales. Continue reading

Comfy Couch website goes live!


Here at BED HQ, we work blimmin’ hard deliver platinum standard work through a mastery of technology, fantabulous design, creative (and often wacky) thinking, with a bend-over-backwards attitude to customer satisfaction.

We establish our clients as leaders in their given industry (from plastic wholesalers to solicitors and music labels, you name it, we’ve done it!), whether that be through conceiving unique brand identities, designing bespoke marketing collateral, or developing an online presence in its entirety; we give all our clients (no matter how big or small they are) the ability to take on, and take over their competitors, with gusto!

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