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Ecommerce: How to get it right


Often, when we meet new people in real life, we smile, greet them, give them a firm hand shake (well, there’s nothing worse than a limp hand shake is there?!) and look them right in the eyes.

It’s easy to gain someone’s trust if your encounters with them are positive, personable and on a level that resonates well with who you are and what your expectations are. 

In an ever more digital world though, with more and more business being carried out on-line, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for e-commerce start-ups to earn and gain the trust of potential customers using their website alone.

Often businesses are more concerned with a quick fix, “Get us online!” – Well, I’m sorry but a presence isn’t enough. The manner in which you deal with potential customers and the setting you create for them, can be the decider between a short lived idea and potentially a huge ROI. Cha Ching!

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Writing content for Ecommerce stores


E-commerce stores are essentially a shop window for customers; get it right and they might just come inside and spend some serious cash… get it wrong and they’ll be gone in the blink of an eye. Poof!

In this post I’m going to take a look at content writing for e-commerce stores; how not to do it and how merchants should treat the exercise. It’s important that content becomes a big consideration and not just slap dash task that’s done because it needs to be. In e-commerce, particularly new e-commerce stores- content can be the decider between a sale and an abandoned cart. In an ever more digital age with many high street retailers deciding to tout their wares online, it’s becoming increasingly important to get it right. Continue reading

Quick Fire Ecommerce Tips: UX


Converting visitors into buyers is like navigating a minefield littered with UX bombs if you don’t know how to create for your audience.

UX, or user experience (for those less clued up) is an emotion felt after interacting with a product, brand or website- kinda like that warm fuzzy feeling girls get when buying shoes! It’s this emotional trigger that web designers, developers and even merchants need to consider wrapping into the build at each stage of an e-commerce project. We need to give online shoppers a convenient, enjoyable experience with all the information they might need to inform their buying decision (read our previous blog on the consumer empowerment paradigm); if consumers have all they need, they’ll be far more likely to buy.

So lets get optimising the UX for your customers! Continue reading

Web pages- Can you get them up fast enough?


All web developers and designers alike will agree that page load speeds are important. from a users perspective there’s nothing worse than trying to get to an area of a site and being kept waiting. It’s like being stuck in a super long queue on a busy Saturday afternoon. Hell – and therein lies the problem. People shop online to avoid that hassle, if they’re being faced with a similar situation from the comfort of their own home they will leave your site and find another. I do it all the time. Continue reading

Is ‘UX Design’ becoming an industry buzzword?


The UX field has been around for several years despite not being widely known as User Experience Design. 

We all know the business case for looking at a website/stores user experience (UX)- It can help make the service you provide easy to use, reduces project risk, cost, and time while improving, efficiency, effectiveness, and end user satisfaction. Continue reading